Estadio Nacional

One of the show piece venues that would welcome thousands of fans of the game during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Current world best footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. His is the captain of the Portuguese national team and plays as a forward for the famous Spanish club Real Madrid which is based in Madrid and his number is “7″

2014 FIFA World Cup Tournament

Looking forward to 2014 as Brazil hosts the world in the greatest football fiesta.

Coach of the Year

Jupp Heynckes is the FIFA World Coach of the Year for 2013


World Cup of Wonder!


The on going FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil has thrown up a lot of surprises that made even the most optimistic of fans to wonder. From the game between defending champions, Spain and Holland to the amazing and almost unbelievable exploits of Costa Rica to the humiliating defeat of hosts Brazil by Germany in the semi-final; this has been a world cup like no order.

Many believed that the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Neyma and perhaps; Arjen Roben would be the stand out players of the tournament. I know that few (if any) analysts looked at a young 22-year-old Colombian named James Rodriguez to be the star of the world cup. Apart from practically shinning like a million stars, it was his dedication to his team and capacity to take responsibility at such a young age that amazes many. His goals are also something Hollywood movies are made of!

Brazil: Almost Ready

Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza

The FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil promise so much and the eagerness to behold the biggest spectacle in football is not lost on many. Kicking off from June 12, 2014, the world is waiting with baited breath to see what Brazil would show forth.

As a forerunner to the event, I have collated some of the pictures of the arenas to be used for your viewing pleasure. Just before I hands off, I’d like to say (and for the records), that this will be the best FIFA World Cup ever! Big statement I know; I am willing to stick out my neck.

A Long Way to Go!


Three months ago, I wrote about the pundits who never gave Arsenal any chance of winning the EPL this season. Some of them predicted that it would be a successful season for the Gunners if they managed to qualify for the UEFA champions’ league. I felt that they were too pessimistic and dismissive of Arsenals’ chances. Although I was also on the cautious side, I didn’t expect the kind of performances (if we could call what we’ve witnessed in the past six weeks that) they have put on show since their embarrassing defeat by Liverpool.

Some will argue that the unfortunate injury to Aaron Ramsey, who was turning into a monster of player right before our very eyes is partly responsible for the horrible situation the team is in currently. Injuries to Theo Walcott and Jack Wiltshire also thinned out the team but the truth is that Arsenal lacks the true grit and quality to win the league. If care is not taken, it might be more elusive than before as the other teams will keep strengthening never mind the Fair Play Rule!

Interesting Leagues!

EU League

Chelsea had to wait till the 92nd minute to beat a very stubborn and tactically aware Everton side today. Had Yaya Toure not taken the bull by the horns, Manchester City would have rued missed opportunity for the second time in a week at the Etihad. Such is the tightness of the English Premiership.

You cannot easily decide who will be the champion come May but the outlook there reveals that a lot of people and analysts feel Manchester City is the strongest  and that they will edge it over Chelsea.

Christiano Ronaldo Wins Ballon d’Or


Messi couldn’t make it a fifth on the trot as Ronaldo, Portugal and Real Madrid main star attraction picked up his second FIFA world player of the year award.

Many a pundit had predicted that it is Ronaldo’s year while others felt that Messi had done enough to deserve an unprecedented pentagon of wins. What was striking about the whole step leading to the crowning tonight is that unlike the past when it was clear that Messi was far and clear ahead of his peers; up till tonight, not many people could confidently say this or that person could win it out of the two main challengers.