Wenger and Fergusson Supports Clattentburg!

Wenger and Fergusson Supports Clattentburg!

Sometimes, Sir Alex Fergusson can be a terrible disappointment! At the time everyone is speaking against racism, the world doesn’t need a man of such influence throwing his hat into the wrong ring by expressing his support for a referee under probe and investigation for alleged racial utterances.

No matter what SAF may think of the final outcome of the match at Stamford Bridge last week Sunday, it is glaring that a vast majority of opinions tilted to the verdict of a tainted victory. If that does not matter to the Scot, it then shows that winning at all costs remains the hallmark of his career.

While winning is crucial to one’s goals and aspirations, doing it with decency, dignity and class is priceless. I hate it when people who should know behave like the Ostrich that buries its head in the sand pretending all is well.

Arsene Wenger has always been a man who sees nothing during a match as long as he gets expected result. His infamous ‘I would have to see it again’ statement after every controversial decision has been well documented. To however jump into a discussion without having any concrete evidence and declaring infallibility is a shade of the grade.

I would have expected Wenger (and any other person for that matter) to wait for the FA and police to conclude their investigations before making outright statements on the sensitive issue on ground.



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