A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Let me begin by thanking God almighty Who has kept us all alive to witness another year. Notwithstanding the challenges of life, we all must have one thing or the other to thank God for and this must be reflected with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation.  In this regard, I say Happy New Year and it is my prayer that this year would be far better than the last in every facet of our lives.

That said, I think the year started on a positive note football wise with the Super Eagles playing out an enthralling draw with Catalunya. That result is more significant when one considers the fact that a makeshift Super Eagles actually gave as much they as they got to a Barcelona side (without Messi) and almost won the match had Uche kept his cool when through on goal. This was in every sense different from what we got the last time we played this aspiring and would be Nation.

In my last post, I said that this match would indicate what to expect at the Nations Cup proper. I must confess that I liked the tenacity shown by the defense. Chigozie Agbim was very brave in the match and I see a brilliant future ahead for this Super Eagles. The reason for my optimism is quite simple – competition.

When a squad is filled up with aggressive, determined and committed players, there’s only one way to go and that’s up. I strongly believe that the current team being assembled by Stephen Keshi would restore Nigeria’s lost glory in a matter of five years.

While we all wait for the final list prior to the January 10, 2013 deadline of CAF, it must be noted that commitment to national honour and pride would help in making the team a force to reckon with in South Africa.  Coach Keshi and his assistants must never forget that their future success is heavily tied with the performance of the Super Eagles in this tournament.

Once the Super Eagles performs poorly (God forbid) at this tournament, the knives would be out for their necks. This must drive them to excel.

I believe that Keshi knows this clearly and would be more than determined to be the first Nigerian to win the Nations Cup for the country. That would be no mean achievement but he would also benefit tremendously from such a feat, as that would cement his place towards the World Cup in Brazil.

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