Unprecedented Achievement!

Unprecedented Achievement!

I have written in the past about Lionel Messi. Like any other football fan, analyst or pundit, I am short of words to adequately describe this ‘littlel genius that God bestowed on us in the football community.

Blessed with unbelievable close control, Messi has the ability to dribble his way out of any midfield. He has mesmerized the best holding midfielders in the world and left many a defender grasping at thin air in the wake of his blistering run at goals all over Europe. His vision in creating something out of nothing can only be matched by another great, Diego Amando Maradona.

His latest achievement in winning the fourth consecutive FIFA  Barlon ‘Dor and at just 25 years shows what a great spectacle this guy is. Come to think of it, who can bet against him winning one or two more? He has surpassed the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Luiz Nazario ‘de Lima (Ronaldo), Johan Cruff and Marco Van Basten in going one better.

Unlike many renowned athletes of our time, Messi’s humility is humbling. He’s loved by friends and foes alike. He seems to have transcended the hostility of opposition’s fans with everyone accepting that the boy from Argentina is the ‘Oluaye’ of the round leather game.

Having around him great players like Xavi Hernandez, Andre Iniesta, Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique and Daniel Alves has in no way diminished Messi’s influence. Often times than not; he ends up being the guy who pulls out the nut from the fire.  With his assists and link up play, he is the main reason Barcelona are this good.

While one cannot easily encapsulate Messi in a unitary write up, the single most significant reality of the greatness of this guy is the fact that none of his previous coaches at all levels have had any reason whatsoever to complain about his commitment, dedication and professionalism. Most staggeringly, Messi has not been caught messing around!

What a great athlete!



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