Pendulum and the battle for European club football crowns

Pendulum and the battle for European club football crowns

The frequency of changes that take place in European club football is funny to say the least. One team is riding high at one time and suddenly, they are fighting the battle of their lives to stay afloat. Another time, an ‘anointed’ champion becomes the laughing stocks of punditry and expectations thrown out of the window due to dashed hopes. Today is all that matters in football; yesterday often times than not, remain irrelevant and noted are higher victories from teams that turn up with fire in their bones.

Things are getting very hot in LaLiga

Mountain and valleys, up and down; teams move along the trajectory of the league table and only the consistent gets garbed with any semblance of stability. If you sleep on the pitch on the day of play; there is always a Deportivo La Coruna to slam you hard on earth and vaporize lingering euphoria of historical conquest.

Even when known as a ‘Pillar’, some youths from the Plateau can cause indelible cracks that may remain unamendable. Gloating of yesterday culminates in shock defeats of today. No let off, measured pace with verifiable results should be keen for adoption!

Italian Serie A grand masters

In major European Leagues, only two can be confidently confirmed ‘wrapped up’.  Turin side, Juventus – Long accustomed to owning the Serie A leads the pack with 70 points with 10 matches remaining and are masters at holding on and winning their favourite trophy. No one can bet against them. They are that good!

Perennial winners from Bavaria

The giants from Bavaria are an enigma that is comprehensible to many by one single trait – Winning! Call them the Masters and you won’t be far off top marks. Losing only once in 24 matches tells the story. With only 10 remaining, they WILL win their 12th title in 17 years. Amazing! Yes, I know.

If we are to consider only the championships in England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France as the top five – UEFA quotients agree anyway; it is very obvious that with more than 10 games to go in each of these leagues only the two clubs earlier mentioned could breathe easily. Chelsea is sitting pretty but gingerly in the Premiership. There is a serious ding dong between Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain.

French Ligue 1 can be as treacherous as any unknown adventure into the Amazon forest. The top three clubs in the land of Charles de Gaulle are matching in tandem. We await the inevitable and sudden break in ranks that will define the winner.

Football – the sport of the hysterical, the passion of the world make things go round. There is no stoppage; they move up and down too!

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