Neymar closes on move to Paris Saint Germain in world record transfer

Neymar closes on move to Paris Saint Germain in world record transfer

Brazilian mega star Neymar is on the verge of joining Paris Saint Germain in a world record transfer deal. The record shattering transfer is a whopping sum of £198 million.

Neymar is set to earn £30.9 million a year on the contract and his weekly wage is £559,000. This simply makes him the bet paid footballer in the world.

There are many questions as to why the Brazilian would make this move despite his vaunted position as second only to Messi at Barcelona.

In the current rating of the top five European leagues, the French league 1 comes up in fifth place behind Spain, Germany England and Italy in that order.

The Catalans are giants in European club football

Barcelona is also one of the top five best football clubs in the world. With a rich history and pedigree that is only match by the elites of European club football.

Curiously, Neymar’s new destination is far off the mark in European triumphs and world renown. Certain there must be a catch.

Reviewing the transfer, FoxSports pointed out the force behind the move of the most talented striker as his father; Neymar Senior.

Neymar’s father has defied all football transfer decorum in reaping financial abundance from his son. As a matter of fact, he has earned more than even his talented son!

The above thus point to the fact that beyond footballing reasons, the quest to be the best and the recognition or acclaim of Barlon d’Or; Neymar’s transfer to PSG is largely motivated by money – lots of it.

Capturing the reality of Neymar Senior’s influence on his son FoxSports put it succinctly in these terms that he has made “more money than his undoubtedly brilliant, talented, marketing machine son. And scarily, more money than arguably the greatest player of all time, the man Neymar was so desperate to escape from – Lionel Messi.

“In bringing his son to Spain, Neymar Senior earned a payout that cost Barcelona serious legal and tax problems, transfer bans and dumped club presidents.

Bartomeu may lose his seat over this saga!

“In sending his son to Paris, the duo leaves a trail of destruction that could force another Barcelona presidential change. All the while, Neymar Senior has earned another monumental payday”.

Some have argued that Neymar is in Messi’s palace and as such could never become the king. However, the potential to develop into a more accomplished player who undoubtedly has the credence to become the best in the world is only more enhanced with the Catalans.

No disrespect meant, Paris Saint Germain are not in the same class with Barcelona. Ironically, it was Neymar that played a major role in demonstrating this fact in arguably the biggest come back in European football competition.

History is already been reshaped at the Camp Nou

The negative emotion surrounding Neymar’s move is evident with the speed with which his pictures were removed from the main billboards at Camp Nou. And for a club like the Catalans; his transfer could only be compared to that of Luis Figo in terms of the star quality, media influence and marketing implications.

While the Portuguese committed the cardinal sin in moving to the capital to join Real Madrid; the Brazilian seemingly has broken every bond of friendship in orchestrating his transfer to the French giants.

It is also in the news that LaLiga has rejected this move and this obviously puts everything in limbo. However, if and when the deal is closed, the after-effects will reverberate for a long time.

Only that the name Neymar, will never command the respect and awe it deserves in the folklores of Barcelona!



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