Liverpool caned by Tottenham’s Kane!

Liverpool caned by Tottenham’s Kane!

Two goals either side of each half by Tottenham’s prolific striker, Harry Kane with two others by Son and Dele Alli saw Liverpool comprehensively beaten at packed Wembley in the star match of the Premier League week 9.

Tottenham were winless in their previous nine league games against Liverpool. They have also been bogged down by the so called ‘Wembley hoodoo’ this season.

However, they quashed all that in front of the biggest-ever Premier League crowd of 80,827.

Close to the end Kane departed to a standing ovation, holding the back of his leg, with Pochettino checking he was okay. He was right to show concern, Kane is irreplaceable.

Liverpool were defensively disastrous and shambolic. The major culprit, Dejan Lovren paid the price as he was hauled off after just over half an hour.

His substitution  was also a puzzle as Klopp didn’t change his tactic. The only thing noticeable was that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came in to redress issues.

Liverpool’s attacking credence is never in doubt; it it their ability to keep others from scoring that will eventually define their season.

Philip Coutinho could have score a second of the Reds to add to Salah’s first half bubbly shot that crept in off Loris post but the brilliant French captain was impervious as they come.

At the end, Pochettino got his tactics right on the spot while Klopp’s indiscretion in paying required attention to his defense has come back to haunt him – big time.

Post-match reaction from Harry Kane

“Unbelievable. We wanted to start fast, get the crowd on their feet, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. When it went to 2-1 we had to stay focused and getting that one just before half-time really helped us. I thought we played really well in the second half just to see it out.

“We could have scored more. Their goal came against the run of play as well. That’s football, we gave them a sniff and they took it. Defensively we were solid and we were very good on the counter-attack. We’re very happy with the performance.”

Quotes from Sky Sports

Post-match reaction from Jurgen Klopp

“The whole result was pretty much all our fault. Tottenham were good of course but we made it much too easy for them

“The first goal was a throw-in and we were not really there. That was just really bad, bad, bad defending.

“The second goal, when the ball passed Dejan it was already too late. Son is too quick and powerful in the middle and he wins the race so it was an easy goal.

“We were back in the game with our goal but their third one, we lost the ball and we made a foul. It’s a free-kick and we were not there for the second ball and it’s all our fault.

“The fourth one, the fist from Simon and the second ball and third ball goes to Tottenham. Their desire was obviously bigger than ours and the game was finished then.”

Quotes from Sky Sports 

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