There are many sports in Nigeria. But there is ONE that is way above others and that is football.  The influence the sport wields across virtually all strata of our society is almost pervasive!

It has been accepted that apart from religion and ethnicity; nothing binds Nigerians together like football. What our politics cannot achieve is evidently a concluded event as far as the game is concerned. What do we mean?

At the Federal Government level; there are principles of federal characters and quota that guides appointments and employment. When this is not adhered to, dust is raised and accusations fly everywhere. However it is not so with our game!

Nigerians do not care if the whole 11 players on the pitch and the seven or so substitutes are all from one tribe as long as the team wins! Yes; just let them be winning and all is well. That is how powerful football is and our politicians are also quick to note this undeniable influence.

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